Broadcast Email

General Information and Guidelines

  • All official Rutgers Automated Mass-Mailing System lists (RAMS) are moderated by designated campus administrators.
  • Messages submitted through RAMS for Rutgers University-Newark broadcast are automatically sent to the campus moderators. (see: List Moderators, right)
  • The campus moderators have final approval of all messages; according to policy established by the Office of the Chancellor. (see Use Broadcast Email For)
  • Messages sent through RAMS go to users who have accurate email addresses in their student or employee records; these records are maintained by Administrative Computing.
  • Broadcast emails can be sent to all Rutgers University-Newark faculty, all staff and all students, or to specific schools and departments (review available lists at RAMS).
  • Generally, approved messages will be distributed after 6pm on the date submitted, except on weekends and university holidays.
  • Emergency messages can be sent out before 6pm. If the situation warrants, please contact the appropriate broadcast email moderators. (see List Moderators, right)

Policy Statement Regarding Broadcast Email

It is the policy of Rutgers University that campus-wide broadcast email messages be consistent with the academic mission of the university. For the purpose of this policy, broadcast email is defined as a mass email sent to all students, faculty and/or staff on important and relevant matters. With the increasing volume of mail received by members of the university community, it is important to avoid overuse of "broadcast" emails that result in blanket emails or "spamming" or in such volume that impairs the operational integrity of network facilities.

The Rutgers University-Newark broadcast email system may not be used for illegal activities, commercial purposes not associated with the university, or uses that violate other university policies or guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to, emails:

  • intended to initiate a discussion or conversation
  • transmitted for political appeals, editorializing, or partisan (including issue-partisan) lobbying
  • sent for personal financial gain
  • that make misrepresentations by giving the impression that the user is representing or making statements on behalf of the university or any of its units
  • delivered anonymously or under a false identity
  • that harass or intimidate or contain foul or offensive language

Inappropriate use of the campus email system may result in disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, expulsion or termination.

Who can send broadcast email?

All Rutgers-Newark faculty, staff and students can send a broadcast email by submitting a message to a RAMS list, subject to the guidelines detailed on this site.

Broadcast email may only be sent from a valid Rutgers email account.