Have You Met Rutgers-Newark?

A step on the long journey to learning and growing

Tahee Kim is a Ph.D. candidate studying public administration and public management. The Ridgefield, New Jersey, resident plans a career in teaching and research after her May 2014 graduation.

Aspirations: I always wanted to be part of an academic environment: a place to grow and learn through research and collaboration with others.  Attaining a Ph.D. is part of this long journey.  I aspire to never stop learning, growing, and sharing.

Activities & interests: Music is the single most wonderful and enriching experience for me. I enjoy playing the piano and singing.

Favorite class or professor at RU-N: "Leadership, Equity and Diversity" with Dr. Norma Riccucci will remain a powerful experience in my academic career. It expanded and deepened my understanding of the landscape and fabric of human society and construct.

Biggest challenge at RU-N: Recognizing that not being able to fulfill all tasks for my roles as scholar, teacher, wife, sister, worker and volunteer is not a failure.

Reflections on RU-N experience: My time here has left an indelible impression on me; as a scholar, future professor and researcher, and as a woman with a Ph.D.

“Tweetable” advice to incoming freshmen (140 characters or less): Enjoy the journey.

Expressions of gratitude: It is difficult to fully express the appreciation, love, joy, happiness I have received here at RU-Newark.  Becoming a scholar doesn’t happen by oneself, it happens in collaborations on so many levels with so many people, especially Dr. Marc Holzer. I believe that each of you I have encountered have helped to shape who I am, today.  I will take the learnings: successes and challenges you have given me, always. THANK YOU.


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