Have You Met Rutgers-Newark?

A crusader for comprehensive reform in mathematics for all students

In 2010, Dr. Roberta Schorr received the Chancellor’s Community Research Award for her pioneering research in the Newark Public Schools (NPS). With students’ overall improved learning of and achievement in mathematics as her ultimate goal, Schorr has been a crusader for comprehensive reform in mathematics for all students. She is also a champion of professional development and support for New Jersey math educators.

The Newark Public Schools Systemic Initiative in Mathematics (NPSSIM) is a perfect example of Schorr’s endeavor to elevate mathematics achievement for Newark students. Initiated in 2002, NPSSIM was a six-year, multifaceted program that brought together Rutgers University students and faculty and NPS  instructional leaders, administrators, teachers, and students in order to implement and institutionalize standards-based curricula, instruction, and assessment practices for achieving mathematics success within the NPS.  The results: Newark students’ mathematical proficiency increased significantly. Shortly after completion of the NPSSIM, the New Jersey Department of Education provided funding for a new program headed by Schorr, entitled MathNext, so that the results achieved in Newark could be replicated in districts throughout the state. Schorr is currently a member of the New Jersey Department of Education’s Educational Leadership Cadre, whose purpose is to help guide the state regarding the use and implementation of the new national Common Core Standards in Mathematics and the associated new national assessments.

Schorr joined Rutgers-Newark in 1997 and is an associate professor in the Department of Urban Education, an affiliate member of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, and a faculty member in the Graduate School in Newark and New Brunswick. She received her doctoral and master’s degrees in mathematics education from Rutgers University and her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. Her published work includes more than 80 articles, chapters, and papers and a book titled The Ambiguity of Teaching to the Test: Standards, Assessment, and Educational Reform (Routledge 2004), which Schorr co-edited.