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An Ultrafast Spectroscopist

In his capacity as a Senior Vice Chancellor for Research and Collaboration, Piotr Piotrowiak is dedicated to facilitating and supporting all aspects of the research mission, focusing on fostering the continuum of sponsored research, graduate and undergraduate education, and outreach. He works closely with the Chancellor and the Deans in matters of strategic planning and long-term investment in research infrastructure and multidisciplinary programs. He coordinates and initiates research collaborations with other units and institutions. He also oversees the Rutgers-Newark Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and works with the Executive Vice President for Research and Economic Development ensuring compliance with Rutgers-wide policies and objectives.

Piotr holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Chicago and was a postdoctoral associate at the Argonne National Laboratory.  His first independent position was at the University of New Orleans, were he received tenure in 1996. A year later he joined the Department of Chemistry at Rutgers-Newark and became full professor in 2002. As a department chair he oversaw a multimillion dollar modernization of chemistry teaching laboratories and a construction of a new research wing.  Piotr’s research group applies ultrafast laser spectroscopy to study how the energy of light can be harnessed to produce electric charges and drive chemical reactions. This interest has led to the design and construction of a unique ultrafast microscope which allows one to monitor processes that occur in one-tenth of a trillionth of a second. Recognizing this accomplishment, in 2012 the Rutgers Board of Governors named him the Donald H. Jacobs Chair in Applied Physics. He has been a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science visiting fellow at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and a visiting scientist in the Protein Engineering Department at Genentech, Inc. He has been an active member of many scientific committees and international conferences. In addition to authoring over sixty peer-reviewed papers, he is the editor and co-author of Solar Energy Conversion: Dynamics of Interfacial Electron and Excitation Transfer (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013), as well as co-editor and co-author of Electron Transfer in Chemistry (Wiley–VCH, 2001).