Have You Met Rutgers-Newark?

Igniting his students' passion for politics and government

Dr. Norman Samuels is living proof that you can indeed go home again, at least when “home” is in front of a classroom.

Samuels, who started out in academia as a political science professor, detoured into college administration for some three decades, including 20 years as the provost, or senior administrator, of Rutgers-Newark. As provost, he developed the Newark campus into a nationally renowned research university in its own right, and was a steadfast champion of access for underrepresented minorities, one of the reasons why U.S. News & World Report has continually ranked R-N the nation’s most diverse national university campus since 1997. Under his leadership, R-N actively participated in the civic life of its home city and worked to improve the city’s public image and contribute to its redevelopment.

Prior to serving as provost from 1982-2002,  Samuels was dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS-N)  (1976-1982) and associate dean of FAS-N (1971 -1976), and taught political science (1967-1971).

He also served as Acting President of Rutgers University in 2002-2003.

But in 2003, Samuels returned to his first love, teaching in the political science department and in the School of Criminal Justice, as well as advising students. Although today’s political climate is much changed from the 1960s -- when he began teaching -- his classroom goal is unchanged: to interest his students in politics and government, and inspire them to try to change the world.

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