Have You Met Rutgers-Newark?

Newark College of Arts and Sciences-English Major, Economics Minor

It is said that true leaders don’t create followers, but rather, create other leaders.  I aspire to do just that. Upon graduation, I will teach, as I am currently a Teach for America 2015 corps member in New York City. I plan on continuing my pursuits in education: writing books, researching, and hopefully one day obtaining my Ph.D. in English and becoming a college professor.

Activities & interests:
I am currently the executive editor of The Observer, the student-run paper of Rutgers University-Newark and a tutor at the Writing Center. I believe that students have the power to change the university for the best and can use their voice to be part of that conversation.  I also enjoy reading, being outdoors, and everything cat-related.

Favorite class or professor at RU-N:
My favorite professors would have to be Dr. Jason Barr of the Economics department and Dr. Barbara Foley of the English department.  Not only have these two individuals made me think critically and enjoy their classes, but they have both inspired me to choose my current major and minor as well as encouraged my ambitious future plans.

Biggest challenge at RU-N:
As part of a commuter campus, it’s quite difficult to balance work and play, but it’s definitely doable. Take this struggle as an opportunity to become a time management expert…it’s a wonderful skill to master. Study hard and get involved and the rest will fall into place.

Reflections on RU-N experience:
RU-N has a wonderful mix of experienced and distinguished faculty, great opportunities for students, and a student body rich in their diversity of knowledge and life experiences. At RU-N I have not only earned a degree, but received a wholesome and well-rounded education. I am happy to say that I have grown and matured into a better student and human being after my four-year college experience.

“Tweetable” advice to incoming freshmen:
Always stay hungry to learn both inside and outside the classroom.  Question everything and continue to develop a better version of yourself

Expressions of gratitude:
I am thankful for my loving family, amazing friends, and brilliant professors who cultivated my curiosity and creativity, fostered my intellectual growth, and encouraged me to reach for the stars.