Have You Met Rutgers-Newark?

Multimedia information center, and home to the largest jazz archive in the world.

The John Cotton Dana Library (185 University Ave) is a multimedia information center for graduate, undergraduate and professional students, and the general public. The fourth floor is also home to the largest jazz archive in the world, the Institute for Jazz Studies, as well as a media room and space for art, readings, and performances.

The library, where students spend a majority of their study time, is named for John Cotton Dana, a pioneering figure in the development of public libraries and museums in this country. Dana was a graduate of Dartmouth College and practiced law and civil engineering for a decade before joining the Denver, Colorado, library. In 1898, Dana was appointed librarian at the Public Library of Newark and in 1902 he helped to found The Newark Museum Association. Under Dana's direction, the Newark Library became the first in the nation to offer open stacks, as well as a branch devoted to business. The John Cotton Dana Library was erected in 1967.