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Hull’s research focuses on the constitutional rights of women, minorities, and non-citizens

Dr. Elizabeth Hull is a teacher’s teacher as well as a respected scholar, and R-N students share the university’s admiration for her classroom talents.

Hull has taught a variety of law-related courses in political science and public affairs at Rutgers-Newark since coming to campus in 1980. During those years, she has made such an impact on her students that in 1988, the alumni of Rutgers-Newark’s College of Arts and Sciences (NCAS) recognized Hull with the Charles Pine Award for Excellence in Teaching. Then, in October 2002, the alumni of University College (UC), R-N’s college for non-traditional and part-time students, awarded Hull the Henry J. Browne Award for Excellence in Teaching. In the campus’s history, three other faculty members have received both the NCAS and UC teaching honors. Both those who teach, as well as those who are taught, recognize Hull’s abilities to reach her students. The campus’s Teaching Excellence Center (now the Center for the Advancement of Teaching) named Hull one of four “model teachers” selected to participate in an Interactive Learning series during 1998-1999.

Hull’s research focuses on the constitutional rights of minorities, an interest reflected in her numerous writings, which include scholarly articles on the constitutional rights of women, minorities, and non-citizens. Hull also has written three books: Without Justice for All: The Constitutional Rights of Aliens; Taking Liberties: National Barriers to the Free Flow of Ideas; and The Disenfranchisement of Ex-Felons.

In 1998 Hull delivered a series of talks, sponsored by the Soros Foundation, on "Constitution Building" to legislators and law professors in Kazakhstan. In March 2000, she also delivered the plenary address at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

Hull earned her doctoral degree in political science from the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research. She is chair of the Political Science Department.

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