Have You Met Rutgers-Newark?

There’s no debating it: Christopher has a bright future

Christopher Kozak is a master’s student studying non-profit management in the School of Public Affairs and Administration. After completing his Masters of Public Administration in May 2014, the Newark, N.J. resident, who helped establish the RU-N debate team, plans a career centered around debating.

Aspirations: I plan on working to develop speech and debate education programs in the City of Newark. It is my hope one day to make Newark the premier city for debate competition and help develop a $10 million endowment to sustain debate operations for the foreseeable future.

Activities & interests: My interests are studying philosophy and volunteering in the city of Newark to help run afterschool programs for public school students. Any time I have after that I spend helping develop debate programs in the tri-state area.

Favorite class or professor at RU-N: My favorite class was Unions and Labor Relations taught by Dr. Norma Riccucci. She is not only a brilliant scholar but also an excellent teacher. I hope one day to get my Ph.D. in public administrations and study under her.

Biggest challenge at RU-N: Dealing with the administration, particularly anything to do with Blumenthal Hall. We need to do better by our students by making the services provided in that building more efficient and easier to access for students.

Reflections on RU-N experience: Overall Rutgers University was excellent. I was able to professionalize something that had only been a hobby of mine for the past decade. Creating and developing the RU debate team was the hardest and most significant thing I have done in my life. I learned so much from my students and teaching them has been a pleasure. I hope to continue this work next year after I finish my degree.

“Tweetable” advice to incoming freshmen (140 characters or less): Don’t let college pass you by. Challenge yourself and hold yourself to high standards.

Expressions of gratitude: My professors and advisors have really made the difference in my time as a student at RU. In particular I have to thank Dean (Peter) Hoontis for his guidance. The support of everyone from the chancellor’s office right down to the adjunct professors has been excellent. Without their support I would not be able to realize my full potential.