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An expert in Cuban and Latin American economics and politics

Dr. Carlos Seiglie is an economist with particular expertise in Cuban and Latin American economic and political relations, as well as a corporate consulting background.

He has expertise in topics as diverse as Cuban economic reform, defense economics, the growth of market-oriented economies in Russia and Eastern Europe, and Latin American economic practices and development. His expertise is drawn from a background that combines experience in consulting with academic credentials from the University of Chicago and Rutgers.

Seiglie has consulted with the Defense Department on Latin American politics and economics, and has taught related courses at the National Defense University's Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies. He lectures extensively throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

He recently developed a financial information web portal to help educate Spanish-speaking residents of the U.S. in the basics of finance, including ways to allocate their savings among the various financial instruments available in the American economy.

Seiglie is a professor of economics at Rutgers-Newark and on faculty at the Rutgers Division of Global Affairs, as well as a visiting professor at the Université Pierre Mendes France-Grenoble II, the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, Columbia University. He has published in scholarly journals such as Economica, Economic Inquiry, Journal of Conflict Management and Economics and Politics.

Seiglie received his doctoral and master's degrees in economics from the University of Chicago, and his bachelor's from Rutgers.