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Have You Met Rutgers-Newark?

Granatir currently serves as president of the Livingston school board

After volunteering on various Livingston municipal and school district committees, serving as president of five Livingston PTA organizations, and attending numerous meetings of the Livingston Board of Education, Bonnie Granatir mustered the courage to throw her name in the hat and run for a seat on the Livingston school board. “I knew I could make a difference and also wanted to show my gratitude for the exceptional education my four children either had received or were receiving in Livingston,” states Granatir. Now in her eighth year as a member of the Livingston school board, Granatir currently serves as its president, a position she also held four years ago.

Given Granatir’s obvious passion for giving back and promoting quality education for all children, it comes as no surprise she one day hopes to make teaching and researching the mainstays of her profession. She plans to continue her education at Rutgers-Newark, ultimately earning a doctoral degree from the School of Public Affairs and Administration. For the time being, however, she’ll continue to advocate for increased state funding for the students of Livingston, New Jersey, while completing her one-year term as school board president.