Have You Met Rutgers-Newark?

Bob Busse, University of Newark

Editor's Note: Bob Busse passed away in spring 2014 a few weeks shy of his 101st birthday.

As a student studying business at the University of Newark —  RU-N’s predecessor  — Busse joined  Delta Sigma Pi, the professional business fraternity.  He is still so involved with the fraternity that in 2012, Delta Sigma Pi awarded him the “Order of the Diamond Helmet” for his 75 years of service.   Busse and his daughter Laurie claim the distinction of being Delta Sigma Pi’s first-ever father-daughter members.

The Way it Was
When Bob Busse began college as a night student in 1931, he majored in accounting at the Seth Boyden School of Business (Now the Rutgers Business School). (The Seth Boyden School later merged with the New Jersey Law School and the Dana College, and in 1936 became part of the University of Newark.)

For a nickel, Bob rode the trolley daily from his Verona home to the campus.

Bob played on the newly formed men’s basketball team and acted with the Mummers, a student theater group.

All of Bob’s classes were in the former Ballantine brewery on Rector Street.

Bob was president of the local business fraternity, Phi Sigma Beta.

Favorite Teacher
George Esterly, for whom the Esterly Lounge is named in the Management Education Center. Bob makes an annual donation to Rutgers Business School in honor of his former professor.

Favorite Places to Eat
“There weren’t any – we brought our meals from home!” But Bob has many fond memories of Dave’s Tavern, appropriately located across from the old brewery.

Burroughs Corp. (now Unisys), a manufacturer and marketer of business machines, for nearly four decades.

How He Makes a Difference
Bob has raised about $2.5 million for the Special Olympics over the past 30 years, through an annual golf tournament now named in his honor.

Bob has been a Rotarian since 1943.

Advice to Prospective College Students
Go beyond academics; participate in extracurricular activities that challenge you and help you develop your talents and interests, whatever they are.

Be receptive to new ideas and techniques to improve whatever you’re involved in — give it your best shot!

Earn the best grades you can in high school.