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Rutgers Clinic Helps Immigrant Parents Make Emergency Plans for their Children

The Rutgers Law School Child Advocacy Clinic, in conjunction with other attorneys and immigrant rights organizations in New Jersey has created a “Power of Attorney” document to help parents who are at risk of deportation


Chemistry Researcher's Search for New, Greener Catalysts Could Pay Big Dividends

RU-N Professor is on the cutting-edge of chemical catalyst research.

Platinum. Palladium. Iridium. Ruthenium.


SPAA Student's College Career Grounded in Debate

Nicole Nave burst into tears during her first debate as a high-school freshman because of the anxiety she felt while speaking. 

“When I first started debate, I was really awful,” Nave said.


Rutgers University-Newark Launches Program To Promote Excellence In Instruction, Student Success

ACUE Will Train, Credential Faculty and Graduate Students In First-Of-Its-Kind Certificate Program In Effective College Instruction

Effective college teaching is a moving target.


National Collaboration of Four Women-Led Colleges, Universities Cultivates BOLD Leaders

At four colleges and universities across the United States distinguished by their visionary women presidents, 40 college women are being cultivated as a cohort to be leaders of their generation in advancing civil discour