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Paré and Krekelberg Lead Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience

For more information on the CMBN at Rutgers University in Newark, please visit  and


A Record Year for External Funding

In fiscal year 2012-2013, Rutgers-Newark set new records for external funding through government, corporate and foundation-funded grants, while also surpassing its capital campaign goal for privately funded gifts and gra


Rutgers-Newark To Recognize Three From Campus Community For Contributions To Research, Teaching, Service

Rutgers-Newark will honor three of its own this fall  for their exceptional contributions to teaching, research, or service” at Rutgers-Newark.


Rutgers Launches Neuroscience Consortium

More than 350 researchers will work together to unlock the mysteries of life-threatening nervous system disorders.

Alzheimer’s disease develops slowly.


Brain Researchers Can Discuss Federal ‘Brain-Mapping’ Plan

President Obama’s call for a federal brain-mapping program might be new, but for brain researchers at Rutgers University in Newark, developing new research strategies and increasing understanding of brain processes is a