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Research News

Rutgers Launches Neuroscience Consortium

More than 350 researchers will work together to unlock the mysteries of life-threatening nervous system disorders.

Alzheimer’s disease develops slowly.


Brain Researchers Can Discuss Federal ‘Brain-Mapping’ Plan

President Obama’s call for a federal brain-mapping program might be new, but for brain researchers at Rutgers University in Newark, developing new research strategies and increasing understanding of brain processes is a


Endowment at School of Criminal Justice Will Fund Research into Gangs

A $500,000 commitment made by Community Solutions, Inc. (CSI)  to the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice (SCJ).


Criminal Justice Professors Awarded $500,000 Grant

Grant from National Institute of Justice Used to Conduct Risk Terrain Modeling Research in Newark, New Jersey, and other cities across the U.S.


Seoul and Toronto Achieve Top Rankings in Municipal E-Governance International Survey; Rutgers-Newark/Kent State Global E-Governance Survey Ranks Seoul #1

A global survey of city websites has identified Seoul, South Korea, as the top-ranked city in the performance of municipal e-governance.