Strategic Planning: Charrette Groups

Due to extremely positive response, all charrette groups are now full and the sign-up period has passed. If you would like to participate in another way, please visit the online comments page, come to a Town Hall meeting, or form a discussion group within your own RU-N community circle. We look forward to an expanding conversation as the process moves forward.

The concept of a "charrette" comes from the design disciplines:bring a small, diverse group together over a series of meetings to:

  • Define Challenges
  • Propose means to address them.

To join a charrette group, you must commit to going to three 90-minute sessions. Each charrette will meet once per week for three weeks, from February 17 - March 7. You must be available to attend all three sessions, i.e. every Monday at 10:00 am or every Thursday at 4:00 pm.

Charrette guiding questions:

  • What is higher education being called upon to do right now?
  • What is our story at Rutgers University-Newark?
  • If this is our moment, what shall we do?

Pre-reading materials for discussion in charrette groups



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