Commencement 2013

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Contact person

Email address


Newark College of Arts & Sciences and University College


Laura Ryblewski,
Assistant Dean

(973) 353-5800

Business School
Undergraduate - Newark

Kathy Wagner,
Student Services Coordinator

(973) 353-1660

Business School
Graduate Programs

Barbara Sackie,
Assistant Director, Student Affairs

(848) 445-4046

Business School
(Faculty and staff contact only)


Dana Harris,
Administrative Assistant

(973) 353-1326

School of Criminal Justice 


LaWanda Thomas,
Assistant Dean


(973) 353-1300


College of NursingSamita Mezger,
Associate Director, Student Services 353-3698

School of Public Affairs and Administration

Melissa Rivera,
Assistant Dean

(973) 353-5190

Graduate School–Newark

Sandy Reyes,
Program Coordinator

Adriana Afonso,
Business Specialist

(973) 353-5843


(973) 353-5197

School of Law–Newark

Andrew J. Rothman,


(973) 353-5671

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