In Wake of Supreme Court Ruling on Violent Video Games: Rutgers University, Newark, Expert Can Discuss Link Between Media Violence, Aggression In Adolescents

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Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturns the California law that had banned the sale of violent video games to minors, but research by Paul Boxer, a psychology professor at Rutgers University, Newark, shows that violent media does indeed adversely affect aggressive behavior in young people. Boxer has conducted extensive research into the impact of media violence on adolescents, and can provide expert insight into the impact of violent video games. He is available to talk to the media about his recent study that showed that violent media impacts aggressive behavior in young people.

His study is online at His biography is at
Boxer was among 112 researchers and scholars — all with extensive background in studying the effects of media violence — who sought reinstatement of the California law. Boxer and the others signed a statement –part of an amicus brief – summarizing the impact of video game violence.


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