School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers University in Newark Launches Free Public Service Online Magazine and International Alliance for Public Service

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(Newark, NJ) — The School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) at Rutgers University in Newark has launched a new, free online magazine, Civic Engagement, featuring the exemplars of public service—people and projects—as well as publications, other resources for “doing” public service, and personal reflection. The magazine’s inaugural cover story provides an in-depth look at President Obama’s public service as a community organizer. The magazine is available at

“The magazine seeks to deepen the discourse about, and underscore our shared commitment to, public service,” said Dr. Marc Holzer, dean of SPAA.

SPAA is also expanding the public service discourse by establishing a new alliance of individuals and groups committed to public service and the common good. Civic Engagement is the first project of the International Alliance for Public Service (Alliance), a network that aims to engage a broad range of citizens, public interest organizations, governments and not-for-profit service providers in the active promotion of public service at the local level.

“Looking at service through a wider lens enables a broad array of stakeholders, regardless of sector, to be involved in the promotion of public service and the development of solutions to public problems,” said Holzer.

The Alliance will work on projects across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, as well as volunteerism and philanthropy. One technique it will use to promote service is the expansion of capacity-building programs to facilitate the education and professional development of leaders in public service. The Alliance will provide the communication networks needed to develop programs and collaborate with similar organizations on issues concerning the quality of life of the public and civic society. It will advocate public service through media channels, print and online publications, conference presentations and other opportunities.

“The new public service undergraduate major at Rutgers University in Newark has definitely stirred up excitement among the student body as seen through our classrooms, which are full to capacity,” said Mahako Etta, assistant director of the public service undergraduate program. “The new International Alliance for Public Service web site adds to this excitement by allowing students access to vital resources for professional development, job attainment and most importantly shaping a sustainable career in public service.”

Individuals and organizations are welcome to become members of the Alliance and may join at alliance4publicservice or view Civic Engagement at


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