Eva Pastalkova, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Rutgers University, Newark, Continues to Receive High Honors for Her Groundbreaking Research

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Pastalkova receives 2009 New York Academy of Sciences Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists

(NEWARK, NJ) — Last month, neuroscientist Eva Pastalkova of the Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience (CMBN) at Rutgers University in Newark received the 2009 Peter and Patricia Gruber International Research Award for Young Scientists. The Gruber Award recognizes prominent young scientists who have demonstrated international collaboration in advancing the field of neuroscience. As an awardee, Pastalkova received a $25,000 grant to support her research.

This month Pastalkova continued her trend of garnering high honors and accolades when she became one of eight recipients of the 2009 New York Academy of Sciences Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists. Honoring the most noteworthy young scientists and engineers from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, the 2009 Blavatnik Awards place Pastalkova among a class of postdoctoral and faculty scholars from the American Museum of Natural History, Cornell University, Princeton University, The Rockefeller University, Sloan-Kettering Institute, and the University of Rochester. Along with the award, postdoctoral fellows receive a $15,000 grant, and faculty awardees receive a $25,000 grant.

For the past five years, Pastalkova has been a postdoctoral research associate in the lab of Prof. György Buzsáki at CMBN. She received her master’s and doctoral degrees in neuroscience from Charles University in Prague in 1999 and 2003, respectively. A native of the Czech Republic and a resident of Bloomfield, New Jersey, Pastalkova is currently studying the mechanisms of internally generated cell activity in the hippocampus, a major component of the brain that plays an important role in long-term memory and spatial navigation. In January 2010, Pastalkova will be starting her own lab at the Janelia Farm Research Center in Virginia, a center of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. For more information about Pastalkova and her research, visit and