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Director of Public Safety

Mike Lattimore, Co-Chair

Ext. 5581

Vice Chancellor, Student and Community Affairs

Marcia Brown, Co-Chair

Ext. 5541

Associate Chancellor, Human Resources

Carol Martancik

Ext. 5500

Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Life

Gerald Massenburg

Ext. 5541

Dean, Law School

John Farmer

Ext. 5551

Dean of Student Affairs

Connie Wibrowski

Ext. 5541

Director of Housing and Residential Life

Angela Bonilla


Ext. 1415

Dean, Academic Foundations Center and EOF Director

Deborah Walker-McCall

Ext. 3579

Assistant Chancellor, University and Community Partnerships

Diane Hill

Ext. 1630

Director of Counseling Center

Pamela Heard

Ext. 5805

Dean and Director,  Paul Robeson Center

Clayton Walton

Ext. 5568

Director, Office of Communications

Helen Paxton

Ext. 5262

Faculty, Anthropology and Sociology

Prof. Sherrie Butterfield

Ext. 5107

Associate Dean, Administration, FASN

Sarah Frodelly

Ext. 5213

Associate Dean and Faculty, SPAA

Judith Kirchhoff

Ext. 1351

Associate Dean, College of Nursing

Maureen Esteves

Ext. 3692

Senior Associate Dean, Business School

Sharon Lydon

Ext. 5221


Senior Assistant. Dean for Student Affairs, Law School

Andy Rothman

Ext. 5671

Senior Associate Dean, Criminal Justice

Edith Laurencin

Ext. 5551

Dean and Faculty, Graduate School

Barry Komisaruk

Ext. 5834

Office of General Counsel

Lisa Wahler, Legal Advisor





Office of Student and Community Affairs

Office of the Chancellor

123 Wasington Street, Suite 590

Newark, NJ  07102