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F. Types of Threats to Report to TAT:

  • Expressions of violence
  • Anger problems
  • Fascination with weapons
  • Suicide threats or statements
  • Stalking
  • Severe rage
  • Interest in previous shooting situations
  • Victim/martyr self-concept
  • Strangeness and aberrant behavior
  • Paranoia and feelings of persecution
  • Violence and cruelty
  • Mental health history related to dangerousness
  • Unusual interest in police, military, terrorist activities and materials

G. Types of Behaviors to Report to Counseling:

  • Anxious, depressed or overwhelmed
  • Prolonged and significant difficulty with the demands of college
  • Test, math, or writing anxiety
  • Pattern of relationship problems
  • Speaking or writing that seems bizarre
  • Loner
  • Expressionless face/noticeable decline in hygiene, academic performance and/or attendance
  • Use of drugs and / or alcohol
  • Suicidal ideation

H. How Do I Submit a Report?

The TAT encourages members of the campus to contact the team with concerns about behavior which have been observed in classroom or other locations on campus.


Anyone  can report troubling or violent behavior to the campus police by dialing Ext 5111 or dial 80 from any campus phone, or in non-emergency situations, you may contact the TAT Team by calling 973-353-5111 or online at


 If you feel that the student is distressed but not a danger to self or others – call the Counseling Center (ext. 5805) or Dean of Students for the college to indicate that the student needs to see a counselor for personal counseling.

If an employee shows similar behavior, contact your supervisor.

If you find a student or employee distressing – that is, the person’s behavior is extremely unusual, disruptive of the immediate environment (classroom, office or other), is making you or others very uncomfortable and/or you perceive some element of threat – contact the TAT through Carol Martancik at HR (973.353.5500) or Marcia Brown in Chancellor’s office (973.353.5541)

If you sense that the behavior you are observing poses an immediate threat or danger to self or others, contact Campus Police.