Julie Godfrey

How did everyone like lining up at 7am? Are you awake, yet?

Today, my husband, Cal and I are both graduating from the MBA full time program. Yes, it was worth it and yes it was the most epic relationship-building marathon that we could have imagined. We were accepted to school, married, moved, learned, interned and we have not rested (or slept, really) for a single moment since 2012.

Wow, did our lifestyle change. From a 2000sq ft. apartment, in Knoxville, Tennessee, to Downtown Newark, in our 450sq ft., two story, emergency exit. At least when Harry Potter lived in the cupboard under the stairs, he didn’t share it with someone. And, yes, these 30 something’s eat in the school cafeteria on meal plan.

We moved all the way to New Jersey, just to be hit by a hurricane. I thought those stayed down in Florida. But Rutgers allowed us to move into the dorms temporarily. I thought that by grad school I wouldn’t have to sneak to the boy’s side of a dorm, especially to visit my husband.

Newark, like us, is getting stronger, new businesses, opportunities, and housing are appearing throughout our city. We are moving just up the street and we hope we can help it keep growing. Because now, we consider Newark our city.

This transition was not always pretty. Many late nights, I thought, they are going to tell this country girl to pack it up and go home because pricing bond portfolios was out of my league. But, Cal and I are not alone with this insanely ambitious, life can’t wait to take turns, now or never attitude. Class of 2014, we have a rare kind of masochistic courage that causes us to ask every day if we are worthy of competing. And answer emphatically, “Give us the challenge and lets us show you what we can do!”

But that is how the class of 2014 gets things done. We harbor a complex that fosters disruption. We collaborate, network, climb up and reach down. We Lean in. We know the truest meaning of the word team. It is our mentors who let us stretch our wings and catch us before we are overextended. Thank you for making us who we are.

But after 2 years of building our little family around Rutgers Newark, it is time for us. Class of 2014, now is our chance to harness our limitless potential, exceptional craziness, and insane ambition to inspire others and move markets.

Thank you.

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