Highlights of News and Media Coverage

February 22, 2010


Prof. Clement Price and the 30th anniversary of Marion Thompson Wright Lecture Series
Clement Price's Marion Thompson Wright lecture series: History in the public square Star-Ledger, Feb. 19
Marion Thompson Wright lecture series’ 30th anniversary celebrates decades of black scholars Star-Ledger, Feb. 16
WBGO Doug Doyle - Clement Price interview on MTW WBGO-FM, Feb. 12

Student Joseph Harrell stars Off-Broadway in the play "Re-Entry"
Five Questions About "ReEntry" New York Times, Feb 18
Video excerpt from the play New York Times, Feb. 18

School of law noted alumna passes
Judge Sylvia Pressler, Who Opened Little League to Girls, Dies at 75 New York Times, Feb. 16

Prof. Donald McCabe on the widespread practice of cheating
Cheating:  You Have to Sweat the Small Stuff Forbes, Feb. 16

Prof. Alexander Motyl talks about the political scene in the Ukraine
Yanukovych cannot encourage secession at home News.Az, Feb. 11

Dean Bill Holzemer shares his vision for the College of Nursing
After breaking new ground in AIDS research, a scholar turns his eye to Rutgers College of Nursing Focus, Feb. 9

Prof. Annette Gordon-Reed's The Hemingses of Monticello is The New Yorker's Book Club pick
Book Club: David Remnick selects The Hemingses of Monticello The New Yorker, Feb. 8

Prof. Penny Venetis on paper backup to computer-based voting machines
NJ voting machines: Verify our votes and stop delaying paper backup Star-Ledger, Feb. 8

Prof. Jack Lynch blogs for Psychology Today
Proper Words in Proper Places Psychology Today, Feb. 7

Prof. Jack Lynch's new book
Jack Lynch serves up "The Lexicographer's Dilemma," an entertaining look at the history of grammar The Plain Dealer, Feb. 3

Prof. Clement Price comments
Black History Month: Newark project honors influential city educator James Baxter Star-Ledger, Feb. 5

Prof. Penny Venetis represents plaintiffs in case addressing the vulnerability of e-voting machines
Partial remedy The Times of Trenton, Feb. 3
NJ Judge says state's machines safe, reliable The Record, Feb. 2

Law students learn from New Jersey Supreme Court justices visiting Newark's Veterans Courthouse
In Newark, law students receive a supreme lesson in Jersey justice
Star-Ledger, Feb. 3

Prof. Frank Askin on campaign finance reform
Askin: Changing the rules of campaign finance The Record, Jan. 31

Prof. Ron Chen on Justice Samuel Alito unveiled
Justice Samuel Alito takes off his mask: Where is the restrained conservative that was advertised? Star-Ledger, Jan. 31

National Kickoff of GlassBook Project to raise awareness about mental health issues
GlassBook Project celebrates national kickoff at Rutgers University The Alternative Press, Jan. 30

Dean Marc Holzer comments on cost savings of mergers among municipalities
Can merging metro areas cut costs? Parade, Jan. 24

Prof. George Kelling explains rise in neighborhood watch guardians
Need for new Jacksonville police officers in doubt with crime falling Florida Times-Union, Jan. 21

Chancellor Diner is guest speaker at Kabbalat Shabbat Dinner and Symposium
Kabbalat Shabbat Dinner & Symposium features Steven J. Diner The Alternative Press, Jan. 19


Rutgers University, Newark Will Offer Master of Business and Science Degree Feb. 18

Bergen County Prosecutor Creates Internship Chair for Rutgers and Seton Hall Law Students Feb. 15

Rutgers Receives Generous Scholarship Gifts from Former Gov. Christine Todd Whitman Feb. 9

Whitcomb Center for Research in Financial Services creates "The Clearinghouse Project" Feb. 9

Professor Laura Lomas Wins 2009 Modern Language Association Prize Feb. 3

Rutgers Jazz Historian Dan Morgenstern Wins His Eighth Grammy Award Feb. 3

Ruling Issued in Constitutional Litigation Clinic's Challenge to NJ's Electronic Voting Machines Feb. 1

Professor A Finalist For National Book Critics Circle Award In Fiction Jan. 29

Professor Alan Hyde of Rutgers-Newark Law School Elected to the American Law Institute Jan. 28

A Novel Brain-based Computational Model of how Parkinson's Disease and Dopamine Medications Affect Learning and Attention Jan. 20

Entrepreneurs complete program to help create jobs, improve resources Jan. 20