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Webinar Launch of the Virtual Museum of Public Service

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Free Webinar

Marc Holzer, PhD
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Marc Holzer

On October 16, 2012 at 2 pm, the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) at Rutgers-Newark will launch the Virtual Museum of Public Service (, an innovative web-based project that reflects the contributions public servants have made to their communities, nations, and the world. Please participate in the launch by registering for the free webinar at

The VMPS reaffirms the belief that citizens-as-public servants are a priceless and necessary part of our lives. By using advanced technologies, SPAA hopes to inspire the best and brightest to careers that are socially responsible: in government, in non-profits, in philanthropic organizations and as volunteers. VMPS aspires to provide museum visitors with a highly immersive, visual experience as they explore the exhibitions and make discoveries. The VMPS will draw upon digital representations to depict the largely unrecognized achievements and sacrifices of individuals in the public service, broadly defined, reflecting their important contributions to their communities, nations, and the world.

Co-sponsored by the American Society for Public Administration, the Alliance for Public Service, the Public Technology Institute and other public service organizations, the museum will feature some three dozen themes such as Diversity, Leadership, Quiet Heroes, Women, Nonprofit Organizations, Public Safety and Law Enforcement, Public Education, Civic Engagement, Civic Architecture and Public Works, Public Technologies for the Public Good, Etc. 

We invite you to help build the Virtual Museum of Public Service by becoming a sponsor. Sponsorship opportunities for organizations and individuals are at