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Town Hall Meeting

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Engelhard Hall

Room 100

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Robin Foster

Rutgers University-Newark's leaders are seeking input from the community to develop a vision and plan for the future of Rutgers University-Newark. The process is democratic and participatory, building on our excellence as a leader in higher education for the 21st century.

Toward that end, two Town Hall meetings are being held in March, on the 4th and 31st, to get your input. The sessions run 90 minutes. The two meetings have different purposes.

The main goal of the strategic visioning process is to look to the future, to imagine what is possible, and to help decide what Rutgers University-Newark should do and be in the future. However, sometimes it is also necessary to look to the problems we are having getting our job done.  Thus, the March 4 Town Hall meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss obstacles.  What gets in your way as you are trying to do your job?  This will be the focus.  Bring your concerns, try to describe the problem as clearly as possible, and the administrative staff will try to address your problems and concerns. Members of the Provost's office staff will be present to respond to concerns, we will take careful notes of the concerns expressed.

The March 31 Town Hall will discuss and continue the conversations begun in the charrette group meetings being held February 17 through March 6.  Facilitators and steering committee members will report to the Rutgers University-Newark community about the ideas, conversations, themes, and initiatives that emerged from the charrette group meetings.