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Cherry Blossom Bike Ride to Branch Brook Park

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 2:30pm to 4:00pm

Rutgers Newark Bike Park 154 University Avenue, Newark NJ (across University Square)

For more info:
Jasmine Gendrano
(973) 353-3746

The Commuter Transit and Parking Services will be hosting Rutgers-Newark’s annual Cherry Blossom Bike Ride to Branch Brook Park as part of our green commuting campaign called GREEN PEDAL ADVENTURE (GPA). There are 20 bikes available to students with free lunch and various giveaways provided to all registered riders. It is scheduled during the free period of the Rutgers-Newark students.

Riders will meet at the new Rutgers-Newark Bicycle Park, located at 154 University Avenue, Newark, New Jersey. Students will be introduced to some of the scenic amenities of Newark, New Jersey and other recreational possibilities that the city offers. The bike route will include a visit to the Cherry Blossoms at Branch Brook Park.

The event aims to promote “biking” as an active means of commuting and also as a healthy recreational activity. The bike ride also promotes the Rutgers-Newark Bike Program which has facilities that support the program. The Commuter Transit and Parking Services are encouraging students to commute ‘green’, as Rutgers-Newark seeks to establish an environmentally friendly commuting culture.