Does graduating from the nation’s most diverse school really make a difference in a student’s overall academic experience? Is it possible to assign an educational value to the racial, ethnic and religious diversity of a college’s student body?

A resounding “yes” is the answer from thousands of graduating seniors and alumni at U.S. News & World Report’s most diverse national university in the United States, Rutgers University-Newark*. Every year hundreds of graduating seniors, responding to open-ended questions on R-N exit surveys, say that the diversity of the campus contributed profoundly to the quality of their Rutgers-Newark education. In fact, that aspect of their academic experience receives more positive comment than any other.

The same theme is sounded repeatedly from alumni, especially those who have graduated in the last decade. Those who have gone into the business world report that diversity is widely recognized as integral to business creativity in the global marketplace. They tell us that the experiences they gained here, working with people from so many different backgrounds, have given them a competitive advantage in their careers.

A Tradition of Diversity

A timeline for the Newark campus.

A Way of Life

Embracing all cultures and perspectives is a Universitywide goal.

Diversity Resources

What’s available on and off-campus.

Why Diversity Matters

Perspectives  from students and alumni.

Community/Campus Connections

How we reach across boundaries.

LGBT Students and Allies

A guide for students, faculty and staff.

Resources for Student Veterans

We want to help make your transition to college life as smooth as possible, and your college experience rewarding and productive.