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Three Decades of Success: R-N's Minority Biomedical Research Support Program

"It has been extremely rewarding to play an integral role in a program that has been a catalyst in transforming negative attitudes toward underrepresented minority doctoral students and their ability to succeed as scient


Joan Morrell Honored As Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Scholar

Dr. Joan Morrell, a behavioral neuroscientist whose research seeks to unravel the motivational systems of the brain, was honored Nov. 3 as the 2011-2012 Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Scholar.


Food, Glorious Food: Exploring Middle Eastern and Asian Cuisine in University Heights

Burgers, fries, pizza, and iceberg lettuce - they're the mainstay of the American collegian diet, and until quite recently the food choices in college dining halls and nearby eateries largely reflected these food


From Tiara to Textbooks: Ashley Shaffer

After a year of making public appearances at schools, grand openings, charitable fundraisers and the like, what's a beauty queen to do when her reign comes to an end?