Akhil Sharma

Family Life: A Novel

Family Life ( Norton, 2014) is a tale about devotion to family and the terrible price it can exact. 

Sharma’s second novel has been critically acclaimed by the New York Times Book Review (“Riveting… Sharma is compassionate but unflinching”), Booklist (“If the first rule of strong writing is, show, don’t tell (and it is), Sharma is a grand master, a black belt, an Olympic champion”), Publishers Weekly (“A loving portrait, both painful and honest”), Elle (“Bracingly vivid… Has the ring of all devastatingly good writing: truth”), and the Boston Globe (“...Sharma gives us a fully imagined world, both hard and consoling”), to cite just a few of the rave reviews.

Inspired by his own life, it is the story, 12 years in the making, of a family that moves from India to the United States in search of a better life, but is struck by tragedy.

Sharma is a 2015 recipient of a Guggenheim award.



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