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A leading expert in performance measurement and public management

Finding ways for governments and organizations to work more efficiently is one of Dr. Marc Holzer’s passions.

Holzer, University Professor and founding dean emeritus of the School of Public Affairs and Administration, is a leading expert in performance measurement and public management. His primary research focus is in public sector productivity, a field he helped to establish.

He is the founder and director of the National Center for Public Performance, a research and public service organization devoted to improving productivity in the public sector. He also developed the E-Governance Institute, created to explore the on-going impact of the internet and other information technologies on the productivity and performance of the public sector, and how e-government fosters new and deeper citizen involvement within the governing process. He has also recently founded the Public Performance Measurement & Reporting Network, a community that promotes the use of valid, reliable data as a key element in improving the delivery of public services.

Holzer is founder and editor-in-chief of the journals Public Performance & Management Review, which provides public administration practitioners and scholars with cutting-edge scholarship and research, and Public Voices, which focuses on historical, artistic, and reflective expression concerning public administrators and public service, and is the co-founder/co-editor of Chinese Public Administration Review.

On June 15, 2016, Rutgers Board of Governors awarded a University Professorship to Holzer for his extensive contributions to the university and specifically to the field of public administration. 

in 2015, Holzer received a $100,000 Chancellor's Seed Grant toward establishing a Center for Evidence-based Economic development iin Newark.

In 2003, Holzer was elected a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration. He also is a Fellow of the World Academy of Productivity Science.

Holzer’s research and academic contributions have been recognized by both Rutgers and his peers. He received the Rutgers Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Research (2001) and university awards for Public Service (2002) and Human Dignity (2004), and was named Board of Governors Professor (2006). Holzer is a past president of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) and is a recipient of several national and international awards in the field. He directs the Memoranda of Understanding between ASPA and the United National Division of Public Administration and Public Economics, the Korean Association of Public Administration, the Chinese Public Administration Society, and the European Group on Public Administration. Most recently, he co-founded ASPA's Section on Chinese Public Administration.

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